Take coffee to stay awake when playing online

October 13th, 2016
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It’s amazing how many Americans will settle for a terrible cup of coffee made from freeze dried grounds, and how some of them will even feel satisfied after drinking it. Let me put the record straight about ‘instant’ coffee.

On the coffee plantations around the world, the freshly picked beans are put into barrels of water to wash them and test for disease. Those that sink are healthy, and are taken away to be ground or packed for fresh coffee. Those that float are diseased, or unfit to use, and these get scraped off and used to make instant coffee.

That’s why there is such a taste difference between the two. Fortunately, diseases found in coffee plants can’t be transferred to humans, but there is only one sure fire way to protect yourself from a potential virus: make fresh coffee.

The process starts with the coffee itself. Like most luxury items (just because people are addicted to it doesn’t mean it’s a given human right!), the more you can spend on coffee, the better quality you’ll get. The best types, such as Jamaican Blue Mountain, can go for $50 for 100 grams, but you don’t need to spend that much for a decent cup.

There is little difference between pre-ground coffee and coffee beans, apart from you need a grinding device for the beans. Some people prefer the taste of freshly ground coffee, but it’s important to make sure you get the correct coarseness of grain for your coffee maker.

Coffee also comes with different strengths, and it’s good to have an idea of your caffeine tolerance before you go shopping. With coffee in hand, it’s time to a make the perfect cup. If you have an electric coffee maker, follow the instructions.

These guys know what they’re doing. If you’re using a cafetiere or stove top device, read on. You need to pack your coffee down a little (plunging the plunger in the cafetiere will do this for you), and most importantly, use water that isn’t quite boiling. This means taking the kettle off just before it boils, or putting your stove top device on a low heat.

Boiling water burns the coffee and gives it a very bitter taste (another thing that people do with instant coffee is pour boiling water on it), whilst very hot water allows the flavors of the coffee to come through. Purists will drink it black to preserve the flavor. If you must add cream and sugar, do so in moderation so you get the full benefit of the taste of the bean.

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Poker Blitz

November 11th, 2012
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Poker Blitz for Facebook is trying to capture social networking sites.

We had heard news about a few games that were making their entry into social networking sites like Facebook. Till now Poker Blitz the online poker site has already made its way to Facebook which is one of the most famous networking sites.

Poker Blitz is like the Bejeweled Blitz that is a single player poker game, and the single player will surely enjoy playing this less than a minute game. Your opponents in this game will be an opponent who is virtually situated in any part of the globe and you also stand a chance to win as many hands as is possible within less than a minute.

It definitely is “poker for the masses” and it even lets its players to take a quick glance of their percentage to know how far they are from winning. Apart from that it also has character creation and fun power ups which are almost like Farmville.

The only sad thing about this early stage game is that it will not load if your browser is a Google Chrome Browser. However on other browsers like Firefox and IE it works absolutely fine. Just in case you find it a big problem on any particular browser check to see if it works fine on another. This is probably the only defect and hopefully its creators Zynga will get this rectified.

Zynga has announced that they will not just get involved in poker for fun games, but also in money for money games. This is a very controversial topic especially in the United States which has anti-gambling legislation in place. Therefore both Facebook and Zynga have been very cautious about it so far, but they cannot ignore the profit opportunities. Facebook is looking everywhere to improve its disappointing profit margin, and online poker is a market they cannot miss.

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Texas Hold’em Pot Limit

March 6th, 2012
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Here is the result of a recent event in Canada where my brother played. This is a Texas Hold’em Pot Limit, with a $1,000 + $100 buy-in, a $434,000 prize pool and 434 entries.

The top ten players were:
1st Jody Trainer BC $130,200
2nd Amer Sulaiman ON $65,970
3rd Art Barrette BC $34,720
4th Ernest Durack BC $26,040
5th General Granger BC $20,615
6th Frank Biehl BC $17,360
7th Wilson Igwe ON $16,275
8th Nigel Vonas BC $14,105
9th Brian Joslin ON $11,935
10th David Rogue BC $9,765

Jody Trainer was the eventual victor of a pretty large field in this one-day marathon, which paid a hefty $130,200. Even better was that he didn’t have to travel far to do it, as the Abbotsford, BC native took down the biggest payday of his short career.

“It’s an awesome feeling to win at my home casino,” said Jody. “This is one of Canada’s biggest poker events and nothing beats playing among the country’s best and coming out on top.”

Since his job as a heavy-duty equipment operator, Jody turned pro in 2009 and has won two major poker tournaments. He started playing poker when he was six years old but got serious about poker in May 2006 after finishing third out of 1,000 online players in the Paradise Poker Masters tournament. Since then he has played in the World Series of Poker, came first place at the 2009 Orleans Open in Las Vegas and played in the WPT North American Poker Championship. Jody also consistently donates 10 per cent of all of his poker winnings to charity.

Some fine Ontario representation on the final table from Amer Sulaiman who finished as the runner-up, a couple of Hamilton residents in Wilson Igwe and Brain Joslin who finished 7th and 9th respectively. After Brian’s domination in multiple events at the Casino Brantford’s Ultimate Poker Challenge, the fact that he’s barely old enough to legally gamble in the country hasn’t overshadowed his continuing tournament success.

Other notables finishing in the money for that event were Buddy Ashmore in 11th and who knew how much better he would have done if he hadn’t forgotten his trademark fedora at the airport. Mike Whelan shared the celebration of his 14th place finish with some of the CPT crew, his wife and family before heading back to Dorchester, Ontario. Mark Micklich continued his string of CPT money finishes at 21st – good for $2,390. Aaron Duczak followed up his success from the day before and cashed in 2-of-2, chipping in another $1,740 for his 36th finish.

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Good News for Gamers

November 25th, 2011
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The Nintendo Wii has produced a craze in the gifts and gaming commerce and is the a good number celebrated modern gifts for the family of today. I recently listened for a second Christmas successively, there will not be as much Nintendo Wii consoles in marts. Because of the Nintendo Wii’s status as gifts, there are few people soundly downloading games for the Nintendo Wii. If you visit Google.com for Nintendo Wii game downloads, you will find thousands of examples, but how can you tell which site can be dependable and will not be introduce viruses. Plus, you need a website with the top class gift games and most recent releases. With all the latent downloads, it is just probable to make your Nintendo Wii into a home leisure system. Great Nintendo Wii games websites will suggest retro Nintendo games, they will also give downloads for all media conventional with the Nintendo Wii.

The superb sites for Nintendo Wii download recommend only a one time membership cost. That way you can download what you need, including the whole classic gifts retro Nintendo games. This is a lawful way to download, and the Internet keep the games free from viruses and spyware. With one charge, you enjoy games forever and save your money for something else. The Nintendo Wii console is the latest enhancements in the world of gifts and gaming. The Nintendo Wii is small and realy trendy in looks.

The gifts variety of video game systems on the market is staggering, and Nintendo stresses it’s hardest to stand out from the pack without the Nintendo Wii. In the meantime, it is ideal to buy Wii console games and download them when you wish, but wait to purchase Wii console video games in the future with supped up graphics to make hard-core participants pleased. The Nintendo Wii console gives a huge opportunity of great Nintendo Wii accessories that can be bought to go with it.The Nintendo Wii remote fits carefully contain the accessories to turn them into the controller, for instance a Guitar Hero the Nintendo Wii remote fits into the guitar so you can simulate guitar playing, and on Mario Kart the controller fits in the Wii Wheel so you are driving by utilizing the wheel. Nintendo Wii has put everything it has behind the splendid Nintendo Wii controls of the system-and rightly so. This is an excellent product and it will be around for years in the future.

The Nintendo Wii console coming up from the home of gaming hobby Nintendo that can be declared as the nonstop descendant of Nintendo Game Cube. The seventh generation gaming system arrives shipping next with it, the Wii console wireless controller, Wii console Remote and WiiConnect24 that are proficient for getting messages and modernize over the web in the standby mode. In 2001 started the gaming Wii console later altered in 2003, after a break of two years. Many times, things have approached like crossing the sales that is more than the joint sales proof by the gamers including Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in North America in 2007.

This Wii console is the smallest among the Wii console came out of Nintendo with 44mm width, 157 mm height and 215.4 mm depth in its vertical orientation. Weighing 1.2 kg the Nintendo Wii console is the lightest between the three critical seventh generation consoles. The Nintendo WII was former in black, silver, lime green and red, but now is also exists in white. The Wii console Launch package includes the console, a stand to facilitates the console to be placed vertically, a stabilizer, a Wii Remote, a Nunchuk attachment, with a one external main power adapter, two AA batteries and a composite AV cable. The game Wii console Nintendo Wii also carries along with a number of internal portions that are on hand from its hardware as well as software components.

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New Backgammon site

August 7th, 2011
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When people say “online gambling” they usually think of games like Slots, Poker, Blackjack, maybe Roulette. But what about Backgammon?

If you have been observing the online gambling market, you surely noticed the quick popularity growth of online Backgammon game and the increasing number of Backgammon tournaments.

This trend didn’t go unnoticed by one of the most popular and respected online casino network, the Club World Casinos Group which is launching a new site this month: ClubWorldBackgammon.com. Apart from the Backgammon they will be offering other popular skill games like Cribbage, Dominoes and Gin Rummy.

The website’s core is of course the game of Backgammon which comes with a series of regularly organized tournaments. Every month players are able to win $10,000 in daily freerolls, which enables this gaming site to compete with some of the poker rooms available online. The schedule of tournaments is very rich, with hourly tournaments running all day, weekly tournament with a guaranteed pot of $500 at least, fortnightly tournaments offering a minimum prize pool of $1,000 and a special tournament ran once in a month, with winnings guaranteed to be at least $2,500.

As a member of Club World Casinos, ClubWorldBackgammon couldn’t be free from a variety of promotions and bonuses for newcomers and returning players. Every new player is offered 30% bonus up to $30 of extra gambling money. Returning players will be granted $50 for every friend who refers to them during his account registration. As usual for an online casino, there are some terms and conditions which have to be met before any money withdrawal. In case of ClubWorldBackgammon, the player must have at least 80 games played on his account before he can cash out.

If you never heard of Backgammon or never had an occasion to try that game, ClubWorldBackgsammon is a great place for first steps. You don’t have to start with real money, instead you can spend some time on the play-for-fun platform, get familiar with game rules and get some experience which will surely be useful when real money will be wagered. If you experience any problems or if something is unclear, you can contact the live support which is available 24/7 and the game software offers you chat features which you can use to contact other players or staff.

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Playing Texas Holdem

April 26th, 2011
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The weekends are great days for friends and family to come together. And for many people, gathering on weekends means playing Texas hold’em poker. It can be quite a lot of fun to play Texas holdem poker, and you need not be with the professionals for you to enjoy this fast paced and action packed card game.

You can always play Texas holdem poker with family and friends right at your home. Or you can play online at Carbon Poker or Pokerstars depending where you are based. For US players, use a Carbon Poker Bonus Code before signing up so you can get a 100% of event 200% new player bonus.

Playing Texas holdem is not all too difficult to learn and hosting a tournament at home is not a difficult thing to do either. Learning the game can take only a couple of hours or even minutes for some. And this is one of the reasons why this game has become so popular in different corners of the world.

Playing the game includes the use of a standard 52-card deck. Each player will be dealt two hole cards at the beginning of each round. The number of starting players normally ranges from 8 to 10 and these players will try to beat each other out in the hopes of ultimately winning the pot.

You need not be in a casino to play this game. You can play Texas holdem poker practically anywhere, although seasoned players would prefer to play on a felt table. Many people prefer to have a felt poker table at home because this kind of table allows players to smoothly pick up and pass cards on the table. Nevertheless, you can always play this game on any flat surface.

And of course, playing Texas holdem poker would not be close to the real thing without the chips. You can always purchase a good stack of chips from hobby shops. The chips can come in different colors and it is all up to you to assign a certain value on a certain poker chip.

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Poker strategy at various limits

November 11th, 2010
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Let’s first talk about Texas Hold’em at the low limits first. As 5 or 6 poker players limp to see the flop, bluffing is almost meaningless. Bet or reraise with your premium cards, otherwise it is like slowly seeing your bankroll evaporate. The important poker skills at the micro-limits are a good understanding of odds as well as knowing when it is best to call. If you play poker well, you might win fewer pots than your competitors, but you will be compensated as the pots that you win will be juicy to provide you with a solid edge. Sometimes bad luck will hurt you, you’ll often see how your draws seem to never hit, but the opposite will be true for your opponent, because your opponents will sometimes never fold.

Bluff rarely, but you imperatively need to bet and raise with premium hands, increasing the pot size when you are leading. Betting and raising to increase the pot size is also important because you must be cautious not to provide free cards to your contenders, who hate to fold. And if you have an apple computer, you can nowadays play mac poker online without a problem as many rooms have added this feature in their offering.

Next is poker at the medium stakes. Most of the players at these stakes can beat the low levels, but you will also have to deal with on occasions people who are only slightly used to the game, but possess the bankroll to afford to play regularly. These players use less premium starting hands, and most pots are played with 3 or less players. Your opponents will be playing more aggressively. Make bets to increase the pots when you are the favorite to win the hand, especially against poker players who love to call or raise with decent strength hands, but not the strongest hands. If you are profitable in low-limit poker, the transition to mid-stakes requires to know your opponents well and to know how to choose the easiest tables.

Now real poker. Such games almost always are tight and the most aggressive. You will usually play opponents who are better than you. Do not play with them. Look for profitable tables where the play is softer due to the presence of one or two loose players. If you search well, you will find such tables waiting for you. The average player plays nearly optimally, probably having spent some time to learn the game. Bluff, semi-bluff, deception and marginal moves to control the pots are very important skills against these players. Aggressive poker with strong premium cards is always the best way to play. But you can win with a good bluff, as with the respect you deserve, players will be understand of your style and fold their medium strength hands. But as players will punish you if they might, and your chances of a positive outcome will be less because of the aggression you will encounter. But if you pay attention to the selection of tables and hands, you can win in these high stakes battles, though it is far from easy.

Let’s talk about playing poker at the ultra high stakes. There you will find the best poker players in the world. There may be some variations, but basically the game these players play will be well rehearsed and it will be hard to find a way to control the table. For example, some players pretend to be maniacs before the flop, but post flop they will balance their game, partly compensating for this lack of premium hands before the flop. The players never stop to be fighting for the blinds, and use creative approaches to holdem. This is what you must be ready to face. Reraise-shove, post flop 3-bets, stealing and restealing occur here more than at lower limits. Usually, you should avoid these games, but if you have the self-control and skills, you should only play when there is an advantage, and you can make giant profits there. The volatility in these games is out of this world, and the average poker player here can easily loose his bankroll. Make sure you it is not you.

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Some poker thoughts

May 21st, 2010
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From time to time luck lines up in funny ways, and you end up beating the same guy over and over in unexpected ways. Poor man. I had just sucked out on him in our last three confrontations. Then these two hands came up. In the first hand, I semi-bluff the flop with my baby flush draw and he raises me. You’d think he’d raise me with a real hand since I’d been holding over. Alas for him we check it down the rest of the way and my 8-high is good. Score one for the dominating hands.

In the second hand, he has the unfortunate luck of calling my raise with a dominated hand. No suck outs and my 54s beats his 43o. With a board of T4K5K, I can’t bet the river because any pair (except 4s) beats me now. Score two for the dominating hands.

Sometimes when you are right, you are right, even when you are wrong. There is nothing like hitting your nut draw and losing. My opponent was just one of those nutcase players. Not totally insane, and clearly not a genius. But he will mess with your head quite a bit. When I bottom paired my flush draw on the turn, I felt it would be a good time to raise for a free river.

The jammed flop gave me the sense that any pair just might be good. And it was. Unfortunately, my flush draw hit giving this maniac a straight flush to my Ace-high flush. I don’t think I’d have gone more than seven bets here in a live game, but his turn 3-bet would have made sure that at least seven bet would have left my stack on the river.

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How we remember poker hands

December 11th, 2009
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I played a hand against a good player a while ago and this is how he posted about it and my comments.

Our memories of the hand differ. He lists the rag as a 6, and I list it as a 9. I have a bit more confidence in my memory since I was logging hands within minutes at the table after they occurred, whereas I’m not so sure when he logged this hand.

He was thinking about the actual play of the hand more than I was. It might be that he didn’t think too much during the hand either, but I distinctly remember wondering if he had KQ and as I thought the answer was no, I bet. I really didn’t put him on a specific hand at any point, but I was worried about an under full house with 99 or possibly QQ, and certainly thought AA/AK was a possibility.

His perspective on my play is interesting. He seems to indicate that I was underbetting the pot by a fair amount. In general, this was my strategy. I wanted to make two kinds of bets, underbets and overbets. Most of my bets would be underbets, and my overbets would be reserved for very strong hands or very strong draws. This was a medium-strong hand and a very strong draw, so I didn’t really care if I was giving him odds. If I’m ahead or behind, I’m happy if he calls, and happy if he pushes back.

He asked me my name after he busted, but forgot it soon afterward. Not that I’m bitter. In a lot of ways, I prefer to be anonymous, but it does illustrate that memory is fallible, and egos love stroking. It was a hard hand for AK no draw to play. With 100/200 blinds, our stacks are 50 BB deep. It’s hard to see what he can do to get away from the hand. But given the way I played it, it’s hard to see how it can be right to get away from it.

Never underestimate your opponent. Not only did he not know who I was, but I did not know who he was. I had some idea that he had been on TV since I saw him on a monitor in the Lifestyles show. So even when you don’t really know what you are up against, it’s important to still play as if your opponent has a clue. I think we both did pretty good in that regard. In the end it was a pivotal hand for both of us, and does a lot to account for both of our final results.

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A bad session

July 19th, 2009
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Just finished up 2 hours of comically bad beats and managed to only lose $192.56, so I’m actually pretty pleased.

I gotta really force myself to think positive about positive play and negative about negative play, and not about the results. It was at my usual tables, by the way. So I was reading a poker forum and I came across this post by an excellent player.

Well I just lost $1200 of my $1800 bankroll. I don’t have enough money to pay my electric bill. My mortgage is late and I just got sucked out on the river and 7th street so many times I forgot what its like to win a pot. I haven’t enjoyed the game of poker in 4 months. Don’t tell me to take a break either, I play about 10-15 hours a week now because I can’t stand to play anymore. Today was my first session in 4 days.

Most every session I quit poker pissed off. I have holes in my wall and a graveyard of broken keyboards under my desk from the frustrations of poker (and handling it poorly).

I’m an introvert. I’m good looking and I haven’t gotten laid in a few months. I spend too much time at home. I hate my life.
Poker players have gotten a lot better and the hold’em tables are drying up online. Don’t quit anything to be a professional online player. Ask my mother.

Playing for a living was great for about 4 months. I am updating and sending out my resume starting tomorrow. Good luck all. Put me in the “couldn’t hack it as a poker player” pile. Anything is better than this feeling. I have no idea why anyone would want to play this game all the time.

Wow. So if you quit your job and dropped out of college to play poker online, I could be kind of scary for you to read that. The truth is, like any competitive sport or activity, some make it, so don’t. The only way to find out is to try out.

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